First For-Profit Game Ships This Week

I’ve been hard at work upgrading what used to be Astrominer for commercial release. I’ve also changed the name due to a crazy naming conflict that went like this:

1) I search the App Stores on both iPhone and my Mac for “Astrominer.” There are no hits.
2) I release my game as “Astominer!” I search daily for it after submitting it to the App Store. I never see any other games called Astrominer.
3) My game appears in the App Store, and I am ecstatic! It is the only game with this name.
4) At some point months later, another game called Astominer appears in the App Store.

With a publication date of 2009. 😦

People in the GameSalad Forums tell me that it probably had been previously reserved or released, then removed from the App Store for upgrades, etc. It was then re-activated *after* mine came out.

So I decided to change my name. I’ll announce it here once it’s out on the store, but not before for obvious reasons. Note that there is absolutely *no* guarantee this won’t happen again. If anyone knows a way to search for existing similar (not identical) names that *don’t* show up in the App Store, please let me know.

The new game has completely improved and simplified controls, the tutorials are cleanly integrated into the game with zero text, so no internationalization is necessary, it will have at least 16 levels instead of 5, and has tons of new complexity, power-ups, animations, and general spiffification. My goal is to get it submitted to the App Store in time to see my first income from my new indie gaming career before I disappear into Burning Man in less than two weeks. I’m in full final-release burn mode!

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