Instrusive Vermin in Software Release not Limited to Bugs

Some weeks ago, the door handle broke on the sun room door.  I’ve spent at least 5 hours in various capacities trying to fix it, but it’s very custom, no doorknob set I’ve been able to find fits, and re-drilling the door to fit a normal knob would require a large degree of cutting through aluminum and possibly glass.


In the meantime, a nasty smell has begun permeating the cluttered-but-previously sterile room.  Several roommates have heard and even sighted small furry creatures creeping about in the dark.  The lone female in our household, in particular, seemed unhappy about our fuzzy guests. Moving on to plan F of the Fix the Door plan, I actually cut the solid metal tongue from the old door in half so that I could flip over one half relative to the other.  I used JB Weld to put it back together after roughing up both surfaces, but I suspect getting it strong enough to use again will require substantially more fiddly work.  In the meantime, it was clear that Action had to be Taken against Vermin.

This would have been easier if the vermin weren’t so cute.   I’m feeling pretty horrible at the moment, having used mousetraps to kill three of the critters already this evening.  Actually, one reason I’m feeling terrible is that the traps only killed two.  I had to finish the job on one of them myself, and it was much more up-close-and-personal than I’d prefer.  I feel particularly hypocritical having recently taken Loki to the vet, where a pet rat that looked nearly identical to the ones I’m killing passed by the inner door during the visit.  However, I’m leaving for Burning Man on Friday, and Something had to be Done before I left.

Wish me luck getting the door fix to work.

I present all this to show that some things are sufficiently important to deal with even when one is in Final Release Lockdown.

The game looks fantastic, and continues to rapidly approach the asymptote of Done.  Ingots of money fly merrily out whenever the character earns ca$h, all sound effect work is complete, and only minor tweaks and touch-ups stand between me and a stand-alone build of the game that I can submit to Apple.

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