In-App Purchases are The Solution

So I’ve gotten very few sales for RoidRage since it hit the App Store, largely due to the fact that I’ve done virtually nothing to promote it yet. I’m currently working on a promotional video, and will be hitting as many review sites and forums as I can find once it’s done.

My main dilemma with what to do with RoidRage was clarified with this article and some sleep. As is often the case, it came to me in that early-morning dreamtime. The main issue with RoidRage is that it only has 14 levels currently. That’s barely enough for free game, much less a for-pay game. Because it’s currently for-pay and under-advertised, almost no one is downloading it. However, the basic game is quite good, and clearly begging for more content, so the solution here is a freemium model with in-app purcases for new content. That way I can get the game in more hands with less effort, whet the appetite for more content, then continue to sell additional content as it becomes profitable to do so. Gamesalad doesn’t yet support In-App purchases, but it is on their roadmap for this month. If I lay the groundwork now, I’ll be ready when they include it.

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