Getting My Digital Shit Together

I’m finally unifying my professional web presence into a Single Mighty Whole, evidently by swearing in public. My main professional site is my WordPress blog, which I now have set up to cross-post to my various other social media outlets.

When you have a lot of blogs, it can be difficult to decide where to draw the line between public and private, and that’s especially true for one’s professional web presence. Part of me is always whispering that I should be as conservative as possible in that forum so as to avoid offending potential customers and employers. But the reason I quit the corporate scene in the first place is because I was tired of dancing to someone else’s drummer, and, at the end of the day, if a company won’t hire me because they found out I posted a Four Letter Word somewhere Teh Intraweb, I don’t want to work for them anyway. And one thing I’ve found very true in my personal life likely applies to my professional. The more people one excludes by being as specific as possible, the *more*, not fewer, opportunities magically appear.

More about what I’m looking for specifically soon!

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