Keeping Track of Downloads and Stats for the App Store

So I recently noticed that the 26-week count on the iTunes Connect App seemed to be stuck at 683, despite the fact that I continued to get new downloads almost every day. The rest of Apple’s documentation says that they only keep records for 13 weeks. I’ve also been looking into different alternatives for keeping long-term track of my downloads, rankings, etc., and right now I’m taking a 30-day test drive of AppViz, which looks like the most comprehensive professional solution so far. So if I compare the iTunes Connect website (only does 13 weeks) the iTunes Connect App (claims to do 26 weeks) and AppViz, they agree to 13 weeks, but the total for 26 weeks seems wrong.

One moral here is you want to keep your long-term bragging rights as to download and sales, you either need to manually do weekly downloads from the iTunes Connect website, or get a program to do it for you. There are several other choices available, some free.

I lost some downloads of my first offering, AstroMiner because I didn’t keep up my with virtual paperwork. I’m therefore starting the New Official Count with what I know is correct, meaning starting 13 weeks ago and going forward from there:

App Download Count: 477

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