Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

I’ve decided to eliminate my Food and Entertainment budget!

What? No more food for Scott? But who will make our favorite iPhone games if he starves?!?

Nothing quite so drastic.

So as part of basic fiscal discipline, I like to keep six months of money in the bank for emergencies. I had a goal when I quit my corporate job at AT&T last year that I would return from Burning Man in early September with that money. I accomplished that goal, and am proud of it. Since then, though, that number has continued to go down. My iPhone gaming business is slowly getting traction, but it’s not enough to support me yet. I’m selling my Honda, which has been part of the plan since the beginning, so it doesn’t get me above six months.

So I looked at my budget and identified the biggest expense beyond my mortgage. And what is it? My Food and Entertainment budget. Just for shits and giggles, I tried changing it to zero.

I was back above Six Months! Beautiful. The only remaining problem is, how do I eat for the next six months?

Well, it turns out I’m in the process of moving out of my 600 sq. ft. master suite into a 144 sq. ft. room, largely to prepare myself for planned long-term RV stays in an RV I don’t have yet. For fun, I’m going to set up the room like the inside of an RV, complete with galley and maybe a shower and toilet. Maybe a *humanure* toilet! But I digress.

If you consider how much shit can fit into 600 sq. ft., and how much will fit into 144 sq. ft., you’ll notice that they *aren’t* *the* *same*. And that’s where my food will come from. From spare hard drives. From extra tables.

From extraneous bass clarinets.

I recently purchased a kit from Man Vs. Debt, Adam Baker’s great site on downsizing one’s possessions and financial obligations. With it’s info on how to sell things on Craigslist, Ebay, and Amazon, I should be able to earn enough to feed myself every week. Maybe not for six months, but once I get rid of all my stuff, I’ll re-evaluate.

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