VAIP: Voice Augmented with In-Vision Panties

One of my lovers lives across the country. We originally got involved in Austin, but several years into our relationship she decided to pursue the lifelong dream of living in the Pacific Northwest. We get to see each other in person three or four times a year, and while we miss each other, in some ways it’s better, because while before we might have a date or two a week, now we spend a week or two together really focusing on our relationship, and the time is very wonderful and intense. The rest of the time, though, we’re always looking for ways to feel closer to each other when we’re thousands of miles apart. One thing that helps is keeping some kind of clothing the other person has word on hand, since love is largely about smell addition. 🙂 For a recent phonecall with her, I kept her clothing somewhere I could smell it while we were talking. And while the phonecall and the clothing separately were great, *together* they were *fantastic*. The internal feeling of being with my lover was much more intense than either alone.

Hopefully this idea might help other people in LDRs, and I’d be interested to hear your tricks about how to make them more connected!

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