Into the Breach!

In a previous post, I revealed my plan to “fix” my budget by zeroing out the portion for Food and Entertainment. This was combined with my choice to move out of my 500 sq. ft. master suite into a 144 sq. ft. bedroom in preparation for living part-time on the road in an RV.

I’m already feeling the heat, with less than $25 left to feed myself until next Sunday. Why next Sunday you ask?

Because that’s when my first Ebay auctions end! The Selling of Crap has begun!

My goal is to try to raise, after expenses, $100/week for the next 26 weeks by selling stuff on Ebay, Craigslist, and Amazon. Can I make it? Will I starve? I’m already pretty hungry.

But I have an excellent record for pulling off these kinds of financial and life planning shenanigans, and the four items I have listed at this moment should already net me at least enough to feed me for the next month.

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