Phonebooks are the New Packing Material for Shipping!

One of the great benefits of my decision to pay for my food and entertainment budget by selling unneeded crap is I get to see the entire business dynamic multiple times per week. I locate an item. I value it. I strategize about the best way to sell it, and then I write ad-copy. This involves some competitive analysis, an awareness of the market. And then, once the purchase is made or the auction is over, I pack it into boxes I got for free at the Post Office or Costco or other purchases I made. Sometime it’s easy. Sometimes I have to make the entire box by hand, which is it’s own adventure. I love cardboard origami! Then, finally, I print the postage, put it in the mailbox, and *SHIP* *IT*! And I get paid!

Considering how much no-money I’ve made so far with my gaming business, it’s refreshing, helpful, and empowering to be able to cycle through the whole process so fast! And it gives me a goal to do the same with my games. How fast can I ship a game? A month? A week? Maybe even a day? With GameSalad, it might just be possible.

And it means I see opportunities I didn’t see before. Phonebooks are the New Packing Material, delivered right to my door! If the ones that come aren’t enough, there are more in the neighbors recycling bin. My Thrift Store Habit is now profitable, though my hit rate isn’t 100%. And along the way, I’m learning all these skills about how to keep a business running, keep all the balls in the air, deal with upset customers, the whole bit.

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