Probably Defect in GameSalad Creator 0.9.88 beta

So I’m working on a new game, and I created some very simple movement rules to get my Player moving around the screen. Whenever an arrow key goes down, I set the linear velocity to the appropriate number. All that works fine. However, I tried using a single Any Rule to detect the key-up for all four directions, which should stop the player. It works for the first condition, but after I add the second condition, it never fires, meaning the Player continues moving after the key up. This would be correct for an All Rule, but not for an Any Rule. If I make four separate rules, one for each direction, the player correctly stops. All four conditions in a single Any rule should work the same way.

I reported it to the GS team tonight (after noting that there in-Creator Feedback link incorrectly links to non-existent address — I had to use the on-website link to report both bugs.) I’m a Pro user, so I should have an answer sometime tomorrow from them.

Anyone else have any ideas?

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