Living Lightly and Inflatably on the Land

I’m going to Portland this summer, and I’ve already discussed my plans to convert my 3-cylinder 55 horsepower Geo Metro into a tiny RV.  I tested it this weekend while attending Poly Big Fun, a fabulous polyamorous relationship conference at Bastrop State Park.  I had about 400 lbs. of people and cargo in the vehicle, and it still got 40+ mpg.  I’m planning on Kammbacking the car to improve fuel efficiency, and if I can get 40+ mpg before doing it with 400 lbs in the car, I bet I can still get 40+ mpg at the vehicles maximum rated 650 lbs afterward. 

The heaviest thing I was anticipating taking was my long-term residence at my destinations.  I want to be able to live and work for a month or two comfortably in various fair-weather places.  I’ve investigated various tents, yurts, disaster shelters, etc.  Most of them are too heavy, too expensive, or too big.  But I think I have the answer. 

Custom-made Mylar balloons in some kind of framework.  Mylar is fairly cheap, super light, can be made into any shape or form factor, is easily field repairable, and probably has excellent heat-reflection and insulation capabilities when in balloon form.  When I arrive at my destination, I set up the framework, inflate and install the balloons, and I have a pleasant, weather-and-sound insulated living space that weights a fraction of the amount of any other material. 

My subconscious is already chewing away on designs.

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