Home on the Range – Moving Forward with the MetroRV

I’ve finally nailed down salient details of my plans to take my Geo Metro on the road. I’ve chosen something close to a traditional Mongolian ger (yurt) as my primary office/residence. It’s lightweight, spacious, sturdy, self-stabilizing, and fairly cheap and easy to build.

While I’m drawing info from several sources, I’m mainly using Monica Cellio’s instructions. I’m using string ties from here instead of heavy nuts and bolts to bind the latticework walls.

I spent a few hours picking through cedar 2x4s at the Home Despot to find the ones with minimal knots. I got 12 8-ft. boards, which should be enough to do all the walls and the door frame. I set up the drill press and the table-saw last night, and will begin creating the walls today.

I have about two weeks to complete all my Flipside prep and any work on the ger that can’t be taken to Dallas before I head up that way to help my Mom with her foot surgery. I probably won’t be back down again until the event, and I’d like to try the ger out at Flipside before I drag it all the way out to Portland this summer.

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