Off to Burning Flipside 2012: Freak Deeky Time Machine

After two weeks helping my Mom recover from foot surgery, I’m headed out to Burning Flipside, Austin’s official Burning Man Regional.  The Metro, already loaded down with my untested yurt frame and enough camping gear for a five-day event, will have an additional 150 lbs of recycled billboard vinyl to cover the yurt.  It’s highway mileage has already been reduced 8-10 mpg (all the way to 45 mpg!)  It will be interesting to see how much lower it gets on this trip.

I’m carrying probably twice the amount of vinyl needed to cover the yurt, but I had no time to measure and cut it while here in D/FW.  I’ll do the rough cutting at Flipside, then get serious about it between then and when I leave for Portland in late June.  It’s great stuff, waterproof, sun-resistant (some billboard signs are up for over a year) and super, super cheap.  Each of my three 48’x14′ sheets cost me $8+tax.  It’s a perfect first covering material for my mobile yurting experience!

While I won’t have this much vinyl going to Portland, I bet I’ll be making up most of the weight with the extra gear necessary to camp for two weeks or longer.

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