Bathtime for Yurtzes!

While I was at Flipside, several helpful people unloaded the roof rafters of my yurt directly into poison ivy.  It’s quite likely that I threw the first batch in there myself.  There’s certainly a lesson about leadership in there somewhere. 

At any rate, after getting 5-6 very annoying ivy tags on myself at Flipside despite my best sanitation and Technu efforts, the last thing I wanted was to share the experience with future yurt helpers.  As you can see from the Instagram posts below, the plan of taking it to the carwash worked out beautifully.  For a grand total of $3.50, both my car and yurt have now been pressure-soaped-and-rinsed.  I set the pieces out in the sun to dry, and came over to Strange Brew for a kombucha, conversation, and AC.  In less than an hour, everything was dry enough to re-load into the Metro.  Hopefully that was enough to get all of that evil substance off, because I’m going to set the yurt up in the yard as soon as I get home, and will be starting work on making the covering and floor out of the billboard vinyl I got this weekend.  I want to move as much as my life into the yurt as soon as possible, because the more time I spend in it before I drive to Portland in a month, the better the experience will be. 

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