The Great Metro Mechanic Strikes Again

Metro repair should probably command it’s own blog in my universe, but I’m keeping it here for centrality.

The latest problem was that the car was overheating at sustained highway speeds.  Lots of interaction with thegeometroclub Yahoo group, grease, and overheated sweat later, I figured out that the catalytic converter was causing the problem.  Meanwhile, my Mom, who had foot surgery recently, ended up needing more help in Dallas, 200 miles away from where I live.  I was prepared to make the trip with the entire exhaust system disconnected, which would have sounded like driving a machine gun.  However, I engaged in some last minute craziness and dumped 1 gallon of lacquer thinner into my half-full gas tank, and ran the engine for 30 minutes at 2500 RPM.  The Check Engine light went out, and the car drove like a dream all the way to Mom’s.

I’m *ecstatic*!  I’m not making any assumptions about the problem being totally gone until I can do a test drive during the day, but if the problem didn’t show up on the way up here, it’s probably gone.

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