I was going through my financials for the week, as I always do on Sundays, when I noticed an odd deposit I hadn’t seen before:

Apple ACH CRED $3.50

Could that be what I thought it was?!?

I went and logged into iTunes Connect, and after a few minutes of puttering around (it’s been a while!) I found the financial reports section and, sure enough, there it was!

This is the first time I have *ever* gotten paid *anything* during my new career as a mobile App developer!  I got canned from nine years at Freescale in 2009 when they laid off my whole department.  Since then I’ve done only one brief 6-month stint at AT&T.  Staying focused on my new career, dreamy though it is, has been shockingly hard.  In fact, I’m going to a class at the Human Potential Center on being Stuck to work on it this very Saturday.

But I have to tell you, there’s something *really* important about seeing that deposit.  There’s something very *real*.  Sure the money came mostly from my friends.  Sure it’s a tiny, worthless amount that wouldn’t even get me a cappuccino at Strange Brew.  But.  BUT.

I got PAID.

It’s time to get paid some more!


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2 Responses to I GOT PAID!!!!

  1. Kevin Bosemer says:

    Congratulations Scott!!! I understand what you are saying and I am so happy for you. You have always been one of the most intelligent people I have known and I know you will be successful. Keep up the good work Scott.


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