The Return of Leeches

I’ve spent a lot of time in Dallas helping my Mom recover from foot surgery. She’s been through this twice before, and last time she was wheelchair for four months. She lives alone, and can’t reach the bottom of her feet, so it’s a huge struggle for her. I’ve got Big Plans in Portland this summer, so it’s been very stressful for both of us for me to spend do much time away from home. The latest surgery went much better than several previous ones, so we were hoping she might be able to put weight on it in a month, but no dice. The wound opened up at the monthly checkup. And *then* she had to get this thing called a wound vac, meaning she had a tube attached to a fragile mechanism on the bottom of her foot to deal with along with everything else.

What is a wound vac? It’s a small mechanical vampire that de-pressurizes the wound. It’s attached to a medical sponge that’s stuffed into the wound. The whole deal is sealed airtight with medical tape, and a tube connects this to the small, purse-sized pump. It all looks monstrously expensive, and was the straw that broke the camel’s back in her ability to live alone, even for a few days. However, my initial skepticism has changed. Why?

The hole in her foot went from 1 cm deep to .3 cm in three days!

Wow. Maybe that little sucker is worth whatever the hell it costs.

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