Ok, Now I’m Feeling the Hate

I think we’re getting somewhere.  Somehow, by assembling simple shapes in Illustrator, I seem to have at least partially channeled whatever the hell it is that makes mimes so unforgivable.  I guess I’m not alone.

Doing this is odd for me, because last time I was doing visual art, I didn’t have the intuitive sense to guide me like I do now.  It would never have occurred to me, for instance, to “move the eye until it seems like it’s looking at you.”  Another example is the way the image is laid out in relation to the text.  For some reason, this way looks better than having it a different way.  Previously, I wouldn’t have even listened to the part of myself that said “Yes — that’s right.” as I tried out different combinations.  It wouldn’t even have been part of the conversation.

I was actually a fairly decent illustrator at one point.  Mostly buxom women, weapons, and robots, or some combination thereof.

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