Last-Minute Freak-Out

Tomorrow I’m leaving Austin, and I’ll be gone for at least six weeks.  This may be the longest I’ve ever been gone since getting this house.  What was supposed to be three weeks of prep time in Austin has been forcibly compressed into four days because of my mother’s surgery.  I’ll still have another week or so at her place in D/FW to prepare a bit more, but I won’t have access to my house or anything in it until I get back.

I moved around a lot as kid, so I have issues with anything that feels like moving, and this definitely does.  I have a functional car, so I can get to Portland, and I have what’s probably a functional yurt to keep myself mostly dry, but I don’t think I’m going to arrive at my destination with much else.  Very little of the furniture I own is reasonably transportable on this trip, especially if I’m leaving myself some sleeping space inside the Metro.  Other than a ball chair, I probably won’t have anywhere to sit, anything to cook on, or any place to put anything.  It’s been part of the plan from the beginning to get a lot of cheaper stuff at thrift stores once I’m in Portland, but I’m definitely feeling pretty overwhelmed at how empty the yurt is going to be upon my arrival.

I feel very stressed at the moment, and it’s very hard to continue identifying the next step to keep moving.  The main things to keep in mind is that I’ve never done this before and that I’m choosing this.  My roommates have always been cool about keeping the house when I’m gone, especially since I gave up my dogs.

One way or another, though, tomorrow night I’ll be headed up to D/FW, and I won’t be coming back until mid-August.

Wish me luck!

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