Zen Fire is Out the Door!

I submitted my fourth App to the App Store tonight!  It’s called Zen Fire. 


This is my second game, and my first App during my An App Every Three Weeks Sprint.  At 45 days, I definitely didn’t make it, but considering it’s my first try, I’m ok with that. Considering it took me over a year to make ‘RoidRage, and many months to make HowWeRoll (which got rejected), it demonstrates how quickly my development process is accelerating!  I think I’ll not only get down to three weeks from start to finish, I bet I’ll even be able to kick out a few faster at the end of the cycle to make up for lost time.

My general plan is to make a new engine and free version of a game every three weeks, while making the Premium content for the previous game.  I’ll stick to this until I’m a little more comfortable with my my income, then I might switch to simply making free games in batches, then only making premium content for the most popular.

Stay tuned for approval!  It’s been averaging about 8 days for the hardworking App Approval team at Apple last I checked. 

Props to Scott and the Strange Brew Krue!  A good portion of this game was made while sipping their tasty comestibles!

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