Icycle – A Naked Man on Bicycle

I was listening to The Indie Game Development Podcast, which has been helping me get a bigger-picture view of what the scene is like right now, when they had an interview with the author of Icycle, in which the player is a naked, balding man riding a tiny bicycle through the frozen apocalypse, where he dies repeatedly, mercilessly, and hilariously.

Why is it that people think things like Farmville are better than this? Are they broken?

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2 Responses to Icycle – A Naked Man on Bicycle

  1. Things like Farmville are totally not better than this. Or Adult Swim’s Robot Unicorn Attack game. Better is subjective, of course. Farmville appeals to a mainstream demographic, and Icycle and Robot Unicorn Attack appeal to more specific niches. (I think Adult Swim’s niche is a pretty big niche, but it’s still niche.) Have you read We Are All Weird yet? I think you’d love it.

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