Attachment Styles and Romance

I’ve been blessed and cursed with a lot of reasons to look inside myself recently, especially pertaining to romantic relationships.  Megan recently read Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help You Find and Keep Love and said that some of the things I’d been talking about sounded similar to what she was reading.  We talked tonight about how it might apply ours and other relationships in our lives. I’ve had previous exposure to Attachment Theory through Becoming Attached, which I almost but not quite finished.  Megan’s book seems more hands-on, and after reading a bit more on Wikipedia on the subject, I see enough parallels to merit further investigation. First blush looks like I might have a more anxious attachment style, which means I’m more worried about problems in relationships and am constantly looking for reassurance.  I seem to recall thinking something like this was likely when I read the longer book before.  I had at least one instance in my childhood right around the critical stage (2-ish) where my Mom was taken away from me because of a medical emergency which is totally in line with a lot of anxiously attached children in the book.

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