Live on Facebook and AppKeyz!

An App I made recently made its very first post on Facebook!  I made it with the Corona SDK after having first set up a Facebook App for it to connect to.  The code was 99% written for me, but it was still very exciting to see that message appear on my Timeline!  This means that I can write Apps that can post message to FB about how much their users love my Apps, which is a hugely important form of advertisement.  Up until now I’ve been using GameSalad, which is great for simpler games with a fast time-to-market, but basically can’t do networking or social media stuff at all.  One cool thing about Corona is that I don’t have to actually pay for any licensing until I’m actually ready to ship an App.  I can do all of the development and ad-hoc testing for free.  This is a brilliant way to sell the tool, because I will know with 100% certainty if the tool is the right one *before* I pay for it.

I’ve also been working with AppKeyz, a company that provides alternate payment  processing and CRM management for Apps.  With AppKeyz, you can give away unlimited promo codes at, for instance, SXSW, or a given SXSW event, or sell codes at a retail establishment like Target.   It frees your App from the App Store, enabling a much more flexible approach to selling and marketing Apps.  I successfully managed to validate their system using Corona, and will be including it in my first Corona-based release.

Once I get the code cleaned up a bit, I’ll post the AppKeyz Corona code here!

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One Response to Live on Facebook and AppKeyz!

  1. Gail says:

    cool! 🙂

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