Sitting With Feelings

As part of working through Will I Ever Be Good Enough I set up a reminder to sit with my feelings every three days.  I set aside an hour tonight to try to get in touch with grief and anger surrounding my childhood.  My mind kept trying to distract me, but I would gently re-focus on my childhood.  I didn’t end up feeling anything very strong during that hour.  However, while looking at my newly jailbroken and F.LUXified iPad Mini afterward, I felt myself drifting toward tears.  I stayed focused on the physical sensations and managed to squeeze out a few minutes of mild crying.  It wasn’t associated with anything specific that I was aware of.  I rode it for as long as something was happening, then stopped.  I’ve definitely found that focusing on the physical sensation of feelings really helps bypass internal suppression, a technique I got from Conscious Loving.

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One Response to Sitting With Feelings

  1. Gail says:

    ~long hugs~

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