Polyamory Makes the Paleo Solution Podcast

When I read Sex at Dawn, an excellent pop-sci treatise on how Paleolithic hunter-gatherers almost certainly weren’t monogamous, my first impulse was to shoot of an e-mail to Robb Wolf of the Paleo Solutions Podcast to see what he thought.  Looks like someone beat me to it!  At almost exactly 30:00 minutes into the show, you hear him talk about Sex at Dawn and its compelling case for evolutionary non-monogamy.  Why is this important?  The Paleo and ancestoral health community is *huge*, and growing fast.  Not only is Robb Wolf’s following probably much bigger than  Ryan and Jetha’s, but a lot of them are primed to adjust their previous assumptions about human heath and behavior from the weight loss and health benefits of switching to a Paleo diet.

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