Yurtling Rising – The Return of the Burn

One last yurt meal!

During my epic trip to Portland last summer, I cooked up a storm on this vintage Lady Winsted Broil-R-Range.  For electric-enabled camping, it’s fabulous, because you can use all three cooking surfaces at the same time, but it’s small enough to fit in the Metro.  I gave the original to Lee because I couldn’t fit it in on the way home last year, and he is also really into minimal technology.  I looked into several alternatives, but I couldn’t find anything that combined the small form-factor and versatility the same way.  Besides, I already know how to cook on it! So I found another on Ebay, and by the time the yurt is back up, it should be here!

Strong-Tie Corners on New Yurt Doorframe!

Here’s a shot of the new, improved yurt door frame. I got momentum on the project yesterday, then it rained all day today. Drat, foiled! I’ve been on the warpath recently to get the yurt set up again so I can start fine-tuning it for this year’s trips.  I’ll definitely be taking it to Bryan for three weeks this spring, then to Portland this summer, and last year I was literally still working on it the day I left.  There’s a million improvements, small and large, that I’d like to make before deploying it in the field again.  And like many things in life, the sooner I get it up, the sooner we can get down to business.

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  1. Gail says:

    ~happy wiggles~

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