Goodbye American iPhone Carriers!

Planned Obsolescence has once again reared it’s ugly head. My iPhone 3GS is so slow that its main function is make me angry. As a professional iOS developer, it’s actually advantageous to have the slowest phone people are still using, because if my Apps can run on it, I know they’ll run just as well or better on newer phones. But, at this point, the 3GS is just about obsolete, its time to upgrade.

So in shopping for a new iPhone, the bottom line is this. It *looks* cheaper to only pay < $150 to get a highly subsidized iPhone from AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon. However, all three require a 2-year contract, and charge a minimum of $80/month. Virgin Mobile, which uses Sprint's network, requires you to pay the full $350-450 for the phone up front, but then only charges $30/month for the plan! That adds up to over $1000 in savings over two years, *and* no contract!

I checked the possibility of getting a used phone on Ebay, but it would only save me $50, and I'd rather have the factory warranty, thank you very much!

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One Response to Goodbye American iPhone Carriers!

  1. adam says:

    I know people who pay upwards of $250 per month for 4 iphones for everyone in the family. That is $6000 for a two year contract. For that kind of money I really need it to be able to make me a sandwich too.

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