Eating the Rich

I’m reading Sacred Economics, and generally thinking about how fucked up our economic system is and how to fix it. Naturally, around those times, I think about eating the rich.

I decided to mock up a little Game Egg in GameSalad, and as a way to share it with others, I tried doing HTML5 publishing, which allows other to play it by simply forwarding them a link. I found GS’s docs on HTML5 pretty non-existent, but I did find a few somewhat oudated instructional videos offsite here.

One of my biggest issues so far has been the inability to get people to play-test my games. Publishing directly to the web during development is the perfect solution as long as I’m willing to “let people steal my ideas.” While there’s still some small reason to be concerned, especially for simple games, the bottom line is that good ideas are a dime a dozen. It’s the work of actually getting them in front of a user or into an App store that really counts. In the process I ran across this HTML5 game made with GS called Stick Viking that actually kept me engrossed for about 20 minutes. In many ways it’s less professional that the stuff that I’ve put out so far, but still worth playing. The creator also uses a service called Kongregate, which seems to be a flash-game-type site where people post their games to get opinions. All of this has the wheels turning. Previewing my games through the web might be an excellent way to get feedback.

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