Rained Out!

Holy Hailstorm Batman!

I was so determined to get the fucking beds done today that I actually spent almost an hour kneeling in a wet bed in a light drizzle using a 120V drill to attach the liner. However, after watching a video on Thomas Merton, who died of electrocution from the combination of water and electricity just last night, I finally moved on to less actively energized portions of the effort. I constructed both drain assemblies, which are actually the most complicated part of the entire bed, drilled the holes for them in both beds, and managed to get one 90% mounted before noticing how *dark* it had gotten all of a sudden. I had just enough time for some panic-tool-retrieval before the sky opened up and dumped over 2.5 inches of water on Austin in under an hour. I ran back out into the Biblical deluge to cover up all the exposed topsoil I had dug out of the beds before it was washed away, then later discovered, after a brief hailstorm, that the umbrella over the yurt’s roof hole had been blown apart, leaving the floor flooded. Luckily I didn’t have much in there, yet, so not much damage was done. I’ll shop-vac it out tomorrow once the rain is over.

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