Vehicle Expenses

In my last post I wanted to know how much it costs to operate my Geo Metro and Yamaha Vino in a year, so I could compare it to alternative methods of getting around.  I turns out that with, which I use to do a lot of my budgeting, that was easy.  Over the past year, including upgrades and my trip to Portland, it cost over $3000, which really isn’t bad.  This doesn’t include the probably 80+ hours I spent working on the car, but I actually usually enjoy doing that, and intend to ride herd on my time management well enough to still be able to do it.

Auto Costs May 2012 – April 2013 (Metro + Vino)
Insurance $300.00
Fuel $643.00
Service and Parts $1,256.00
Road Trip Gas $458.00
Registration $95.00
Inspection $55.00
½ MetroRV Upgrades $300.00
Total $3,107.00
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