Cooking for Gail: Winding Down

The new wind-but-not-water-proof umbrella.

A few days before leaving, I’m starting the process of taking down the yurt. And I find, I don’t *want* to take it down! I like my little micro-house, and actually haven’t gotten to spend that much time in it this trip, and when I did, it as usually cold and wet and at least mildly leaky. However, Gail’s place is right next to a creek, and the frogs have been going crazy at night, and now the sun is out and the birds are singing and it’s *nice* in here! I’m going to set it up again when I get home, but probably not before Flipside, which, more than likely, it won’t be going with me to.

It’s been a great trip, and I’ll provide more summary later, but I wanted to mention this moment before it passed…

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