Christmas Pimping for the Yurt

It was awakened by Christmas this morning, which is pretty cool in July. My phone battery case, my grommet pliers, and my radiator all arrived in a huge ejaculation from FedEx.

Christmas! All three of these are mine!

I’ve been slowly at work with some nip-and-tuck to shrink the yurt’s skin to match its new, smaller frame, and with the arrival of my new $100 grommet pliers (which promptly broke) I’m making progress.

"I'm crushing my head!"

“I’m Crushing my Head!”

New grommeting job much nicer...

I thought I’d like the red cord here, but it’s too thin. The Major Improvement is the pairs of grommet holes all around the roof that allow cinching of its connection to the walls dice-bag style. It’s tighter and neater, and will look even better with white instead of red rope. The pliers I got leave a lot to be desired. I paid $100 for the ClipShop CSHAP-1 because I wanted a grommet solution that was both hard-core and usable without a hard surface required by most grommet presses. When fully compressed over two layers of billboard vinyl, the grommet holes ended up oblong instead of round, which meant my older nylon rope wouldn’t fit. I have a fairly monster grip because I do jujutsu, but I still had to use two hands and sometimes body bracing to get a full press. Finally, one of the bolt hinges on the mechanism broke about half-way through, and I had to replace it with a thinner bolt of my own. They got the job done, but I wanted more for $100, so I’ll probably be sending them back. there isn’t a lot of mechanical advantage to this configuration, so I may end up making my own out of a set of crimpers or something.

I also added Velcro for the seam where the walls meet the doors. You can see from this older picture how they were really messy.

The Dumpy Yurt

Here’s a closeup of the work. I used the same Oatey X-15 Shower Pan Adhesive that I used to weld to billboard vinyl to attach it to the walls, and small sheet-metal screws to attach it to the door frame. Heavy staples would have been even better, but I hate using anything so hard to remove. I put the looped part on the frame, because that part is exposed to a lot more things that will stick to the hook part, which will be folded inside the wall roll.

New Velcro wall attachment.

After the Velcro, the walls are neat and tight!

I used Velcro to attach the walks to the doorframe more neatly.

I still obviously have work to do on attaching the roof to the doorframe neatly. When the yurt was bigger, the walls and the door were the same height, so everything was symmetrical. Now we have this igloo effect, requiring Special Origami Bullshit to occur around the entrance to make everything fairly tight. However, by combining the grommets, rope, and Velcro techniques I’ve used on the walls, I think I can come up with something nice soon.

Just before I was going to go dancing last night, I crushed the living fuck out of my right pinky toe by dropping a completely full steel water bottle onto it while standing on concrete. I’m pretty sure it’s not broken, but it’s bruised as fuck and it was actually hard to walk today, even just wearing sandals and socks. I wanted to check out a get together some friends had invited me to downtown, and I hadn’t had time to put the new radiator in the Metro yet, which meant taking the bus.

Portland's public transport is fabulous but expensive.  Five smackers for one-day pass!

Portland has enviable public transport, *way* better than Austin, but it’s fucking expensive. One-way passes are $2.50, all-day passes are $5. Definitely less trouble than biking, and probably cheaper than parking my car. Also the only way to go with a crushed toe.

The meetup at Berbati’s Pan in Chinatown was a lot of fun. I met many new people, and re-met several old friends from this and last year. I’m glad I went.

Beratis Pan Chinatown

Now I’m chilling at the Southeast Grind, my favorite 24 hour coffee shop, writing this and making games.

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