New Horizons in Coding

Since I switched careers to Mobile Development, I’ve been using GameSalad to make my Apps. It was a great choice for someone new to the space, because it allowed me to get Apps in the Store quickly without a lot of technical ramp up. Despite only actually having published two Apps with it, I feel like I’ve outgrown it. It doesn’t currently support any kind of networking or social media features, and I’ve also found that I miss actually *programming*. I’d been trying out Corona as a potential replacement. The only other real candidate for cross-platform Mobile development is Unity, and it seems a little to heavy-weight and expensive for what I’m doing at the moment.

So it turns out my GameSalad Pro membership, my second outlay of $300+, expired today. It *also* turns out that Corona had updated their payment model, and it’s possible to do publishing for free now. The price of their cheapest for-pay license has gone up, but hopefully the free version will give me enough of a taste to ell me if it’s worth it.

So I think this is it. I’m jumping ship. I will probably continue to use GS for prototyping, and I’m still interested in teaching some kind of kids class with it when I return to Austin, but as my primary development tool, I think it’s day is done for me. I’d like the thank the GameSalad development team for all their hard work creating a great tool. The world is a better place with GS in it.

In the spirit of Taking Programming Seriously Again, I’ve also set up a Subversion repository for version control of the actual *source* *code* I’m creating. Since it’s less exciting than watching paint dry, I’ll spare you the details.

I’m having fun dialing into Corona. I’ve already started making contributions to the community, which is something I found more difficult in the GS community. Right now I’ve created a green triangle that things bounce off of.

It’s very exciting.

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