Threat Dreams

Last night I dreamed I was trapped in a large house with lots of glass that was under attack by tons of drug dealers with guns. I remember running to close the blinds over some massive windows and seeing not one, but three parallel zip lines outside with gunmen sliding across the window shooting at me. Another batch was coming, and I knew there wasn’t time to run back into the house before the shot me, so I grabbed a chair and heaved it out the window at them because it was the only thing that might help. I also recall having been outside earlier and getting surrounded by armed thugs on the ground. I only got away because the ones closing in were confronted by rivals they cared more about killing than me. I don’t recall being terrified in the way of a true nightmare, but do recall a series of “trapped in the house by gunman” dreams I’ve had throughout my life. Previous ones tended to be more “avoiding snipers” instead of a full frontal attack, but the elements of trying to close the blinds and being trapped in my home were similar.

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