The Coast and Gulf Coast Aquarium

One of my girlfriends from Austin and her husband arrived in Portland, and we ended up making a spontaneous trip out to the coast to visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium, where I had previously done my shark-tube sleepover.

There were adorable otters who smacked their crab dinner on the glass for our entertainment…

Sea Otter beats its crab on the glass to break it!

Sometimes inside the huge tube aquariums there were people ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE GLASS!

Primates invade the Oregon Coast Aquarium


Jellyfish at the Oregon Coast Aquarium!

…some *really* big crabs…

…that were so cute I couldn’t *help* myself!

This crab I'm hugging is 4 feet long!

…and some beautiful views of the coastal wetlands.


We tried to go eat at Local Oceans, my favorite Newport restaurant, but the wait was *two* *hours*, so we ended up at Rogue’s instead.

At around 300 miles, this was my first longer trip in the Metro since I “finished” repairs, and my mileage clocked in at 42 mpg. Not the 50 I averaged last year on this trip, but we got stuck in in-town traffic quite a bit on the way out.

I had jujutsu the next day, so I ended up driving back home less than twelve hours after I drove out. Those mountain roads at night are crazy!

I’d like to hit the coast one more time before I leave, but I’m not sure I’m gonna do it. I might hit a beach on the way south through California instead.

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2 Responses to The Coast and Gulf Coast Aquarium

  1. Oregon Coast Aquarium says:

    We are glad you had a good time on your visit Scott! If you’re interested you can actually sign up to go “on the wrong side of the glass” and snorkel in our exhibits!

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