According to AddViz2, I topped 1500 downloads from the Apple App Store today. I haven’t been focused as aggressively on getting new Apps out recently, and I’ve still made very little money (most of those downloads were free), but it’s heartening to know that with basically no advertising, I’ve had some small impact in 1500 lives. As my game of gaming improves, and I drive down my cost of living, reaching a point where I can support myself entirely from gaming income will become increasingly realistic. In the meantime, I get contacted by recruiters about once a month already, despite having done virtually nothing to update my resume beyond changing my job title to “Mobile Developer.” Figuring out how to interface all of this with a more gift-economy-driven model will be interesting. One idea I had last night that I really like is the addition of a humorous commentator/narrator that only appears in the paid version, with the game otherwise being the same. I’d really like to get to a point where I simply make all the games free and people gift what I need, and I’m scoping out the best way to do that now. It will be easier once I can pow-wow in person with Megan after my trip.

The yurt is down, and I’m doing final packing before heading to Ashland. More on the departure in a different post!

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