Loose in San Francisco

My friend Nick from Austin happened to get back into the Bay Area just as I did, so we ended up spending the day together Friday. The house he is sitting is way up at the top of Snake Road in Oakland, which lives up to its name so much in steep-and-windy-ness that the Metro nearly overheated getting up there. It’s a great place if your car can handle the ups and down, with beautiful views of the city, and several nearby parks. We decided to go for a hike in one, and ended up talking for hours about relationships, technology, psychology, and the colonization of Mars, clearly annoying several back-to-nature types along the way. This gorgeous space filled with tastefully selected sacred artifacts is the main room of the pad he’s in:


I hit Oakland for some Real Deal Chinese food on the way home:


While visiting my cousin in Alameda, I decided to spend a day in San Francisco. Barely squealing into the dock in time, I took the Bay Ferry across from Alameda. The line seemed pretty long, so I wasn’t sure I would get on board!



…but I did. There are several docks handling container ships in this area, and it’s pretty wild to see how all the stuff gets here from China.




I couldn’t get too many pictures on the way in, because I was on the bottom deck waiting in line to buy tickets, which you do *after* the ferry has departed. In fact, I didn’t manage to pay until we had already arrived in San Francisco, and barely managed to make it off the ferry in time before it left for its next stop. However, I bought my return fare at the same time, since it would be close to sunset then and I wanted to see things from above deck.

Upon arrival, the downtown Farmer’s Market was in full swing, so I elected to get off there rather than waiting for the Fisherman’s Warf stop.

I believe this is the Apple Farm commune where Steve Jobs started his road to as close to enlightenment as he ever came.

I got some tasty apricots and some dried ones for travel food.


This fabulous statue of Gandhi was something I hadn’t seen before, but since I had picked up a book of Martin Luther King Jr.’s speeches on the way out of Portland, I felt I was in well-timed as well as good company.


I then proceeded inside the Embarcadero Market, which was filled with super-
high-end food of every possible description.


Since I hadn’t had a lot of protein, I decided to try an oyster on the half shell for the first time!

Considering its fate, the heavenly light seems appropriate.


I didn’t chug, I chewed. Overall it was tasty. I felt slightly queasy afterward, but more from the texture than anything else.

One was enough for me.

I proceeded north on the Embarcadero toward Fisherman’s Warf. The Exploratorium seemed intriguing, but I didn’t feel like spending most of my day in San Francisco indoors, so I decided to pass on this visit. I’m intending to find a way to stay in the Bay Area longer next year, so maybe I’ll check it out then.


They had this groovy sundial outside that told both the month and the time of day. It was pretty accurate! I kind of want to build one now. I’ve often had trouble using the sun as a guide, and I bet making one would help.

San Fran has the best plumbing! Unless one is looking for a restroom…


There are a plenty more pictures of my adventures in the Flickr set, but after hiking around all day, I’m too bushed to continue blogging, so I’ll let the picture speak for themselves.

Good night!

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