A Return to Unity

Way back in the late 90s while I was working for Metrowerks, I made a file to enable a feature that hadn’t been quite included correctly. I called it the Unity Module. I don’t know how many customers it helped, but it was my first entry into professional development.

Well, now Unity and I are together again. This time the Unity in question is Unity 3D, one of the most powerful and comprehensive engines for creating games. Having only used GameSalad and Corona recently, all I can say is:

Holy Shit.

Since I haven’t really fucked around with 3-D since the heyday of Lightwave, I knabbed a copy of the fabulous open-source 3-D modeling package Blender. I was able to make a simple model in Blender, then import it into Unity with just a few menu choices.

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed, since even making 2-D games with the much-simpler GameSalad was still a huge task, but it looks like Unity does quite a bit more for the developer than GS, I just need to invest the time to learn the tool. It’s also fascinating as a developer’s developer, because in most of my professional career I was creating software to create software.

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