The Symbolic Moving of Apps


Since I don’t need my Stocks App on my phone anymore (more on that in a moment), I decided to move it off my home screen. In deciding which App I would replace it with, I realized that the Weather App was on the second screen.

The priorities of the economic elite had subconsciously infiltrated my smartphone!

With enormous symbolic relish, I switched them, placing the Earth above “the economy” where it should be.

So I’m finally out of the stock market.

For many years, I’ve managed my own portfolio. Most years I beat the market, and I missed most of the massive 40% drop during the crash of 2008. However, I no longer feel that any form of capitalist investment, even in companies that might make our society sustainable, are in line with my values. In fact, I’m so down on economic rents that I’m not willing to use any form of compound interest at all, including for my own retirement. Whatever money I use to keep me healthy in my old age, it won’t be growing in the market. And yes, I’m a savvy enough financial planner to know the full implications of that decision. It’s a Big One.

There was one stock that could have funded my retirement alone if it ever finally got out of the penny-stock range, something that will probably eventually happen. My original intention was to hang on to that one. However, another thing I’m doing in pursuit of removing all forms of debt from my life is selling my suburban home, and I don’t have as much as I’d like to improve it before the sale. While I might someday get a 10,000% profit on that stock, if I sell it today and invest it in my house, I’m guaranteed to get at least a 100% profit in 3 months.

I’ll take it.

Once that money is in my hands, I’ll be able to finalize my budget for the move-out and know what improvements I can afford. It feels both scary and good to be moving in the right direction. I’ll be posting some before-and-after photos of the home improvements as I get them done.

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