Scott Visits the Vault

I had the great pleasure of being interviewed for Episode 79 the C-Realm Vault, the for-pay portion of my favorite podcast, The C-Realm. C stands for Consciousness!

I was interviewed mainly about polyamory by KMO and Olga as a follow-on the C-Realm Episode 400: Preferred Pronouns and Relationship Anarchy. That podcast featured Stephanie Johnstone, Co-Host of Sex for Smart People. Since I like to think of myself as smart, and have heard that sex is pretty awesome, I may tune in.

I was very happy with the discussion both during the interview and while listening the podcast. KMO and Olga made me feel very comfortable, which helped with my jitters. My major critique of my own participation was that I said “um” so much, but otherwise it went well. My audio setup, consisting of a Shure SM58 vocal mike through my Presonus Firebox, sounded good, even after filtered through the vagaries of the Skypeosphere.

The only difficulty here is that the Vault is a paid content service, so the only way to hear the podcast is if you join. All that money goes to support KMO, I don’t see any of it. I may arrange for my local pod to hear it if they’re interested, but I can’t ethically distribute that podcast for free just to stroke my ego, which is probably big enough anyway. If you’re at all interested in things like finding a path to a more sustainable future, critiques of capitalist neo-liberalism, technological solutions, peak oil, minimalism, and human consciousness, it’s a great investment.

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