My Life Through a Funnel

So when i move out of my big suburban house, my plan is to live in my 13′ camping yurt until i go to Portland this summer. I rented a small 10’x10′ storage space, but today i realized that that is basically the only storage i will have when I’m in Portland. Everything that goes into the camping yurt will be coming with me to Portland, and since i’ll have it with me, it won’t be in Austin to protect any of my stuff.

This means that everything i own that isn’t part of my long-term camping setup has to fit into that 100 sq. ft. of storage space!

Sure I could rent more space, or change my mind, or find some other way to chicken out. But I’m not. Everything i own that won’t fit into a total of under 300 sq. ft. of storage is going, one way another!

It certainly simplifies my decluttering choices! It’s either storage, part of my camping setup, or ditch it.

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1 Response to My Life Through a Funnel

  1. Dale Barnard says:

    Less is more! Unless it isn’t.

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