Living in the Yard, Retreating to the House

I’ve been living in my 13′ yurt in the backyard for about three weeks both to get used to it again, and to physically and psychologically move out of the house. One reason I’m doing it now is because Texas is pushing the yurt’s design boundaries pretty hard,as it was created for Portland in the summer, i.e. “fair weather.” I’ve dealt with temperatures between 45-87 degrees F in the process, and with much harder rain than Portland ever sees. Sometimes I’ve been hot and sometimes I’ve been cold. My electric blanket has served me well so far, but tonight, with temperatures going into the 30s, I’m finally going to retreat back into the house. After camping this past weekend, I know I can sleep on a Therm-O-Rest, so I won’t need to drag my super-heavy memory foam mattress back in there.

My intention is to build a larger, 20′ yurt to live in full-time when I get back from Portland and Burning Man in September. That one will be fully insulated, have four layers of covering, and some form of climate control. Living the failure cases in my current yurt is helping me to understand what needs to be improved for a Serious Full-Time Texas Yurt Home in a way that brainstorming and creating design diagrams can’t.

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