Flipside 2014: It Will Be Awesome Once I Get There

Fixing my peg stilts for Flipside 2014, By Lurko's Beard!

Although I’ve been going to Flipside since 2002, and have never failed to have a murderously killer time there each and every year, I’m never, ever excited before I go. There’s something about the burn prep process that puts me in a powerfully detached and indifferent state, unable to connect with the anticipation of one of my favorite things. Happily, in just about exactly 12 hours, I will be rolling out for the event itself, at which point The Party Begins!

I think that might have been a little excitement.

In the interest of being less of a tourist, I’m reviving several Previous Tricks this year.  I’ve re-build my peg stilts, the soles of which had rotted out, am bringing my drywall stilts for less athletically adventurous to try, and I finally *FINALLY* actually did some maintenance on my fire gear, which has been so neglected it’s broken the past two times I’ve used it, at Flipside 2012 and Flipside 2013. I can’t say it’s perfect, but at least most of the actual rust is gone.

I also have a Big Fire Surprise not seen in the Austin fire scene for about 7 years.

Whatever fuel I have left, I won’t be bringing it home.

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