Men and Touch

I was really impressed by the on-ness of this article regarding how difficult it is for men in modern culture to get a healthy amount of non-sexual touch. It’s a very timely entry with all the recent discussion of rape culture, because it gets to the root of many of the same problems from the male side of the coin. This is really helpful, because, as a man, it can be easy to feel like the discussion of these problems seems to come overwhelmingly from a female perspective. Seeing someone discussing the root of these issues in a nuanced way makes it much easier to get on board. Along with a lot of the great stuff I’ve been hearing about teaching kids how to negotiate their touch boundaries with adults, I really see some momentum building toward a better future. And since I live in the middle of a large polyamorous pod of people who are happily very touchy and great at negotiating their boundaries, I’ve seen how profound the effect of getting more touch of all kinds can be first hand. I credit getting more non-sexual touch with being the single biggest contributor to my escape from a life of chronic depression.

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