The Home-Built Consumer Future

One of the biggest anti-corporate, power-to-the-people forces at work right now is the micro-manufacturing movement. Instead of buying cheap, disposble things made by multi-national corporations overseas and shipped back to us, local and garage shops can produce a huge variety of items and tools for daily use locally. And by modularizing and standardizing the parts, the item can be easily repaired by almost anyone, and the parts can be immediately re-used in something else when we’re done with them instead of going to the landfill. Because many of the designs are free and public, millions of people across the globe are constantly tweaking them to make them better. When this happens, everyone benefits from the improvements, instead of the profits being sucked up by the super-rich. It allows all of us to build our own stuff, up to and including things like cars and bicycles.

These items made are cheaper, more easily reusable, and last longer, all of which makes us less dependent on corporate jobs *either* for the income to buy things *and* for the things themselves. As a life-long Legomaniac, I’m *very* excited about getting my hands dirty doing more of this once I escape my suburban house. For a first project, I think I may use the OpenStructures system to build a modular deck for my yurt deployment, which will be happening in the coming weeks.

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