Probably the Best Relationship Article Ever

This article on Mindful Elephant about Soul Essence Relationships is probably the single best article on romance I’ve ever read in 20+ years of making it a core area of study.

There are four major areas where more understanding can make the difference between disaster or deepening love.

The first involves an understanding that initially we relate to the world and to others much like a child with dreams and expectations. That child consciousness needs to be transformed into mature consciousness.

The second involves a more profound understanding for the nature of attraction, and how and why dramas develop the longer we are with someone in any form of intimate relationship.

The third involves understanding how and why our sexuality changes as we go deeper in a love relationship.

The fourth involves understanding the roles that nearly always develop between lovers (and friends) as time goes on.

In this single article, nearly every significant thing that happened in my last breakup and the four-year relationship before it is described in short, pithy detail. Everyone else I’ve known who has read it has also been freaking out about how powerful it is.

I’m beginning to really see the understanding of how humans relate in romantic relationships shoot forward over the past three or four years. There are single articles on the Internet now that are better than some of the best self-help books from 15 years ago. We live in an amazing time!

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