The Future Has Arrived


Have you ever thought “it would be great if I could replace this useless tool on my modular Leatherman/Swiss Army Knife with something I’d use every day?” The tiny, fragile Phillips/flathead jewelry screwdriver on my Leatherman Wave just broke again, and in order to replace it, I had to spend basically $20 to buy a kit, with a bunch of other accessories I *don’t* need, to replace it. This got me to thinking about how their design of that single tool on and otherwise stellar knife sucked, and it would be nice to replace it with a better design. I seems pretty clear that man pocked knives have the potential to accept user-made tools if said user had the ability to safely disassemble them. It turns out there is at least one product based on this idea. Enter the Switch, a modular pocket knife where *you* choose the tools to include.

This may be the best idea ever. Unfortunately it doesn’t exist yet.

Time to reverse engineer my Leatherman…

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