A Master Paints the Ceiling

The Good News is that the portion of the popcorn ceiling in the master suite that did not respond to the application of paint by falling off is now very, *very* white. The Bad News is that the high pressure paint sprayer gun started leaking at the handle whenever I tried to spray when I was about 95% finished. I held a pot underneath it, with paint streaming down my hand, to finish.

A bench vise and blowtorch later, I managed to dig out the secret, innermost component that had failed, namely a tiny plastic gasket that prevents the paint from squirting out the trigger when that trigger is pulled. It’s clearly damaged in the middle. It’s not in the parts list for the Spraytech GX-06 gun, which has “no user serviceable parts inside.” However, considering a new gun is $50-$200, I’m gonna see if I can find a replacement. I’ll call Ted’s tomorrow and see what they say.

Luckily Chris, the Ultra-Generous Provider of All Tools, has also let me borrow a much cheaper but serviceable Wagner Power Painter, so I’ll be making an enormous mess tomorrow again, same Bat Time, same Bat Place.

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