The Theft of Sleep

…my answer to the question about why lack of sleep, which is one of the biggest drivers of our current health crisis, isn’t given the same level of priority that things like diet and exercise are.

It’s because we live in a society that is structured around ideas that require us to constantly work harder for less pay. Stealing sleep is a fundamental mechanism to that process, since, at least at first, it seems like not much is being lost, and the worker has to pay most of the price. Isn’t it odd to imagine how much push back from multiple sectors there would be if people said “I now require 8 hours of sleep at environmentally and biologically dictated times, and will accept no work that expects me to do otherwise?” The System is too focused on short-term profits not to constantly erode many things that keep workers healthy, but too cowardly to demand they sacrifice themselves outright. It just keeps engaging in tiny thefts in the dark anywhere it can.


seeing myself in block quotes makes me feel like a Famous Person.

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1 Response to The Theft of Sleep

  1. Vasa says:

    I would be glad to see businesses offering nonessential services close from midnight-6am-ish as a general rule, so the employees can sleep during the middle of the night. A “city that never sleeps” = at least a few people sacrificing their health for no good reason.

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