Poly Big Fun 2015

My name tag for Poly Big Fun 2015

I had a amazing time at my tenth (!!) Poly Big Fun this year! Attendance was down a bit, largely due to conflicting events in the local Burner and Pagan scene. We had a proportionally huge contingent from Houston as a result, as well as a scattering of other out-of-towners. The Attachment Styles Workshop I presented with Susan was well-received, and I think we did a substantially better job than last year. That was due in no small part to the contributions of Kelly, who, with his auto-didactic command of attachment research and compassionate demeanor, was practically a third presenter.

Extensive rain consistently pelted the event, inundating some tents and forcing relocation of several workshops. However, for the first and probably last time ever, Cabin 1 was totally empty for almost the entire event. We were able to use it to throw parties Friday and Saturday night, and together with the Dining Hall we had two indoor presentation venues whenever dihydrogen oxide was falling from the sky.

The pace felt a little less frenetic than previous years. I felt like there was more time between workshops, and not as many scheduled at once. Difficult decisions still had to be made between temporally co-located workshops, but only once did we have three running concurrently.

Bastrop State Park healing at Poly Big Fun 2015

Although the devastation of the Bastrop Fire is certainly still evident in the area, it felt for the first time like the park, green and lush with new growth, was really starting to make headway in healing itself. Kudos too all the Bastrop State Park staff for all their hard work! The new shower and bathroom building was also fantastic, what an upgrade!

I really enjoyed the Italian dinner on Friday night.

Huge thanks to both Davids, Rose, Jeff and everyone else who helped coordinate and produce the event! All your hard work really paid off, and you made it look misleadingly easy. And thanks to all the participants for all the hard work they contributed in their volunteer shifts. It seems like everything got done in good order, and the fact that we do so much of our own work is one reason we can the cost of the event so low.

There plans to hold meetings every two months both to help produce this event going forward, and also to maybe bring back Poly Mini Fun, a smaller event at the opposite side of the year.

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